INFOPLEX CRM/PMS (Client Relationship Management / Project Management System)

INFOPLEX CRM/PMS (Client Relationship Management / Project Management System)


The Infoplex CRM allows users to efficiently manage areas including contacts, calendars, tasks, document storage, correspondence, sales opportunities, estimates, work orders, invoices, payments, inventory, time tracking, projects, reports and dashboards. In addition, it is pre-programmed to exchange data with 3rd party applications such as Outlook for Windows, Giest Barcode, 360Works and Apple mail client through the use of optional add-on FileMaker Pro plug-ins.


Infoplex was built with a “your data anywhere” philosophy by providing users with access into the Infoplex system through the use of a FileMaker Pro client, FileMaker Go on the iPad, or from a web browser.


The Modules

Link company and individual Client/Customer/Contacts to invoices, estimates, orders, scheduling, etc.


Customer Relationship Management          

Specifically designed to handle both individuals and organizations and their relationship to each other. This cross-linking functionality allows you to see everyone that is associated with an organization and their roles. Easily view the associated Opportunities, Estimates, Orders, Invoices, Projects, Activities, Timers, and Documents associated with any contact or organization.

Manage Sales Leads, Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders (POs), Inventory, Invoicing, Payments, Sales Opportunities, Estimates, Orders, and Invoices


This flexible module allows you to track your sales process from initial contact through to invoiced customer. Sales opportunities can be linked to individuals, companies or both. Quickly generate multiple related opportunities, estimates, orders and invoices from a single opportunity.

Purchase Orders       

Track all data for your P.O. process (vendor, customer, items, status, etc.).

Inventory Management          Create and track inventory, including items, sub-items, reorder levels, quantity on hand, etc. Supports kits and inventory assemblies.


Invoicing and Payment Tracking     

Generate and send invoices; receive and track payments, including multiple payments across multiple invoices.


Communication, email, phone call, notes and document management      

Communication History and Campaign Management – Track every contact with your prospects, customers, and employees: phone calls, emails, and meeting notes. Easily send email marketing campaigns and HTML e-communications.


Document Management       

Secure document storage and checkout management means everyone has access to the information they need and no one can overwrite another user’s updates.

Calendar, activities, scheduling, reminders, task management, time tracking, etc.


Calendars and Activities      

Individual and overlapped group calendars provide insight into one-off and repeating events or meetings. Easily assign activities to individuals or groups, with at-a-glance status views and automated reminders to keep everyone on track.


Project and Task Management with Time Tracking         

Our CRM project management software allows you to define projects, tasks, and roles; assign tasks to individuals or groups; and track time against projects for internal reporting or client invoicing.


Work Orders

Create work orders and dispatch them to field technicians’ iPads; completed work is signed off electronically on-site. No more tracking paper documents and deciphering illegible handwriting!

Easy to use dashboard and reporting tools



Key performance indicators and graphs viewed at-a-glance for opportunities, estimates, orders, and invoices.



Copy the dashboard charts and graphs for a presentation or choose from an array of pre-formatted reports to communicate information to your teams.


Plug-ins available for Outlook for Windows,  Apple Address Book and Apple iCal            Data Exchange            Depending on your needs, the Infoplex CRM seamlessly exchanges information with Microsoft® Outlook for Windows,  Apple® iCal, and Apple Address Book.

More Details



Ready-to-Go Modules – Contacts, Correspondence, Activities, Web Access, Work Orders, Calendars, Timers, Estimates/Orders/Invoices, Purchase Orders, Wide Area Network Optimization, Inventory, Projects, Documents, and Opportunities, Barcode Scan and Reader.

Remote access to your data from the field on a mobile device


Web Access and iPad Optimized     

Conveniently access Infoplex from any computer with a web browser. This solution has been optimized to run on the free FileMaker® Go app for iPad with additional functionality added for technicians who fulfill work orders in the field.


WAN Optimized       

Access your data more efficiently with increased speed across your Wide Area Network.

Multi-Platform Support         Whether you need PC or Mac CRM software, Infoplex works seamlessly in all platforms, including iPads for technicians and project teams or sales reps at remote locations.


Customize and expand to fit your business 

Customize and Expand – Using DigiSoft Computing development services, you can customize and expand modules and features within the Infoplex user interface. Adjust and adapt to the growing workflow and project demands. Easy to install, our support team gives free support to install, set up, and configure your software


Personalized Setup   

Our team of experts work with you to provide seamless installation, setup and configuration..

Infoplex Client Relationship Manager works on Windows or Mac



System Requirements Windows® 7/8/10

Mac OS X 10.9-10.12

Application: FileMaker® Pro 15*

Plug-in specs may vary

* FileMaker Pro comes bundled with our Infoplex


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