Manage and track your organization’s vehicles and/or fleet more efficiently with Smart Eye state-of-the-art real time satellite tracking and fleet management system.

  • Smart Eye Help users track their fleets with live position, speed, route travelled, engine status and monitor fuel etc.
  • Provides a Fleet ERP software to manage different class of fleet applications
  • Dedicated Mobile applications to track vehicles live instantly and get alerts with its activities.
  • Provides Data History up to 3 Months.

Features and functionalities of the application includes; Fuel Monitoring, Remote Immobilizer & Safety Alarm, Real-time Tracking, Route Trace with “Play route” option, Trip Management, Spot Vehicle, Halt Alerts, Over Speed Alerts, Instant Alerts, Location Alerts, Efficient Route Tracing, Daily Distance, Deviation Alerts, Geo Fencing, Boundary and Fencing alerts using Trans fencing, Logistic Account Book, Multilevel User Management, Facility for both centralized and decentralized monitoring


Fuel Monitoring: Accurate sensors installed in place will also notify you about the fuel present in your vehicle, place where it was last refilled or where there was an abrupt change. Thus, there are no chances of fuel theft in any of your vehicles.

Remote Immobilizer & Safety Alarm: Use Smart eye on your desktop or mobile to immobilize your vehicle remotely from anywhere and turn on the safety alarm, in case of emergency or if the vehicle is stolen. The thief becomes unable to turn on your vehicle without your consent!

Real-time Tracking: Smart eye tracks your vehicle up to the precision of milliseconds and records speed, location and the engine status. Precise location reporting is achieved with the support of a comprehensive Geographic Information System and GPS Technology. The vehicle status provided will include details like the precise location, engine status, Time at which engine was last On/OFF, Current Speed, Daily Distance , System Odometer Reading , Signal status etc.

Route Trace with “Play route” option : Tracing the past routes, positions, speed, halt and other details of the vehicle anytime in the history. User can easily trace the route travelled on map between any two given time and date. He will get all details like top speed, average speed, distance traversed, number of halts made with the halt time and exact location of halt on the map.

Trip Management: Schedule the vehicle’s trip and get alerts when it leaves starting or destination point. This further allows driver to communicate with the smart eye server making the trip updates real-time.

Halt Alerts: This unique feature helps in tracking all the halts made by the vehicle, their duration and distance in between. This keeps a track of every halt by the vehicle during its course of travel. Smart Eye checks for the halts made by each vehicle and reports the same with duration of the halt. The halted location is also pinpointed in the map precisely.

Over Speed Alerts: You can assign a maximum speed for each vehicle. Smart Eye will notify any over speed violations.

Daily Distance: We can easily monitor the daily distance traversed by each vehicle with 98.5% accuracy using the GPS Satellite signals from the vehicle. As the data is independent of the Odometer reading from the vehicle, the drivers cannot manipulate these data at any case. The distance covered between any two date and time can also be monitored.

Crash/Accident Alert: This unique feature alerts the admin immediately any of the vehicles in the fleet clashes, so that the appropriate agencies around the location for recue or recovery operation can be notified to swing into action. While minor accidents can also be alerted and recorded and will be used to ascertain drivers competence or carelessness.

Geo Fencing: Create virtual fences around your home, workplace, or state and if your vehicle leaves these boundaries you get notified.

Boundary and Fencing alerts using Trans fencing: Establish boundary constrains for each vehicle using Geo Fencing technique. Precisely mark boundaries for territories, villages, Collection points, Distribution points, yards, locality, Point of interest etc and assign vehicles to these fences to get notified about entry/exit details. You can even define a fence with any prefixed radius around any location.

Logistic Account Book: Based on cloud computing techniques Smart eye gives an accounting solution managing vehicle logistics. The detailed reports and statistics can be retrieved by users from the cloud anytime.

Multilevel User Management: This feature of Smart Eye ensures realization of that proper organizational hierarchy. The Admin user of a system can add sub users under him and selectively assign vehicles to a particular user. Each sub user will be having separate user id and password. The information and features that can be accessed and managed by the sub users are to be decided by the administrator. The authority is vested with the Administrator to Add/block/delete other users under him.

Reports: Smart Eye can generate automatic reports and statistics on any of your desired parameters. This aids in identifying, examining and perceiving the most efficient or the most expensive journey and the usage of any vehicle and driver in their fleet. There are a wide variety of records maintained by the Smart Eye for helping its users to check and examine the past activities of their vehicles. These reports can be downloaded either in PDF or Excel format for future references.

Data History: Smart eye offers highly secure data of the vehicles, users, drivers, vehicle positions, expenses, routes in a highly structured manner. The data provided by Smart eye provides the ultimate insight about your vehicles and trips.

Facility for both centralized and decentralized monitoring: Centralized monitoring can be achieved by setting up a control desk at the headquarters which can effectively monitor every vehicle. The multilevel user management can aid in decentralized monitoring. The departments or other sub users can monitor only the vehicle that is allotted to them either using the Web based user interface or iOS/Android based mobile interface. *Ocean Vessels Management System also available.

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