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Discover the No. 1 Skill Behind Every Successful Individuals and Organizations.

People who Master this Skill Never Struggle in Life, Career and Business!

Do you know the number one skill responsible for the success of many individuals, companies and corporations?

That skill is the ability to market effectively; to target and reach the right audience and get good response.

Why are popular brands still in the market? Why are they still Marketing? Why do they have big budget for marketing?

It’s because marketing is the lifeblood of every business, the more they market the more they sell and more money they make and the more money they budget for marketing. And they keep repeating that process cycle and the business and brand keeps growing. Its amazing.

It goes to show, that if you want to be successful in your life, then you need to master this one skill…

But wait a minute …..not all marketing generates great results. So waste money on old school marketing and get no response.

Marketing is no longer done the way its done in the past, marketing has evolved……it has transited from Traditional Marketing to Digital..

So if you really want to make a difference in this age and change the game in your business or career you need to Learn and Master the New way to Market Digitally in this digital age…..

Once you learn how to market especially how to market digitally and have an online MARKETING strategy then selling becomes very easy and automated.

What is Digital Marketing and how can it help grow your business, brand or career?

Digital marketing is all about using digital media, strategies and channels to market and sell online; drive traffic and sales, grow any brand or business.

Digital Marketing channels and strategies, such as; Social Media, SEO, Display ads, Content Marketing, Video and Email Marketing, Copywriting, Blogging, PPC, List building and convertion are changing the game in the business world today.

What’s the Big Deal?

Digital Marketing has indeed disrupted traditional marketing (Tv, Radio, Billboards, Banners, Newspapers Handbills haring) because everyone is online these days and having an online marketing strategy will enable you target, position and reach your target audience online where they spend time and looking for information and opportunities.

That’s not all…….Digital Marketing its more cost effective, measurable and result-oriented. With digital marketing anyone can now make a lot of noise and reach the world with a low budget unlike before when entrepreneurs must have a big budget to run a marketing campaign on TV, Radio, Newspaper, Billboard etc.

With digital marketing individuals and corporate organizations can create awareness and drive traffic and sales with little or zero capital. With it you can position your brand and products in front of your target audience, as well as be found by those searching on Google and other search engines for the products or services you offer. This is what we call working smarter instead of harder.

Does this apply to my and my business?

Whatever business you do, if you know how to market digitally in this digital age where everyone and everything is online then driving traffic, creating awareness and generating leads and sales and growing your influence and followers and customers in huge volume will never be a problem again.

In fact, once you master the art of marketing and selling online, you and your company will never go broke again!

Because you can digitally market and sell anything online even from the comfort of your home or office with little or zero budget.

Yes, you heard me right with zero budget….i generate great sales from the comfort of my computer just applying the skills. All you need is master the strategies, tactics, tools and how to pull the right strings at the right time and amazing things will begin to happen.

For instance, there’s a side business I do in my spare time which i drive with the internet and it generates 7-figure monthly income for me every month. Without any effort from my side, because i have built an automated online marketing system that works so hard for me and convert leads to customers.

I have trained dozens of students who currently use the digital marketing and online strategy i have taught them to change the game in their business and career. And you can do same, if you want.

This month i have decided to give back to the society and training 30 people on Digital Marketing FREE of Charge. 

I have opened up 30 slots for 30 “Serious and Highly motivated” individuals that wants to learn how to use Digital Marketing to drive and grow their business and influence.

Even if you are selling crude oil, property, cars, foodstuff or even legal services etc. You can use digital marketing to drive, brand and grow it.

Indeed, every man’s mountain is his ignorance. No wonder, its written my people are perishing for lack of knowledge.

Emeka Ochang’s business and other business owners like him would have end up a failure and in frustration if not for this skill he acquired and applied and today Emeka’s is a success story.

Course Outline:-

#Introduction to Digital Marketing & Strategy
#Social Media Optimization & Marketing
#Viral Marketing
#Video Marketing
#Content Marketing
#Email Marketing
#Business Blogging
#Copy Writing
#Display Advertising
#Conversion and Analytics
# Much more.

If you have this skill you can use it to;

1). Grow your Business, Brand & Influence
2). Land high paying jobs
3). Start and run a Digital Marketing Agency as a side business and land big contracts to consult and manage Digital Marketing and Online Strategy for Small and Big Companies.
4). You can also use the skill to market and grow your personal or network business or any product or service you sell.

-Today I use the skill to perform all the above and am loving it as it have enabled me to attain financial and time freedom.


Tony C. Nwokolo, is a Serial TechPreneur, a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP), Developer, Blogger, Copy Writer, Online Business Coach, Author, Minister and Inspirational speaker.

I advice, coach and help people discover, build, structure, manage, market, automate and grow Businesses and influence Online and Offline that will enable them to achieve financial and time freedom.

Am Passionate on Teaching everything I know to help people earn a living online and Offline, grow their audience and influence..

Am the Founder/Chief Solutions Executive of SS Digital Solutions (a Digital Marketing, App Development and Online PR company.

Am the Founder/Chief Servant of The Complete Success Platform (an online platform where people from diverse walks of life turn for ideas, information, inspiration, business opportunities and strategies that will enable them attain success in all spheres of their lives.

I have led my team to design, execute and manage digital campaigns and online strategy for different clients from the Banking, Insurance, Tech, Entertainment, Education, Food & Beverages, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical and Telecommunications industries within and outside Nigeria.

The Offer

If you’re interested to know how to use the internet to market digitally online, position and grow your business and brand, influence and audience with zero or low budget and get great results?

You need to get get this skill and begin to apply it in your business and career and you will begin to see great results.

As i stated earlier this month, i want to give back to the society and train free of charge the first 30 “Serious and Highly motivated” individuals that wants to learn this Digital Marketing skill that changed my life and business.

To be part of this training on Digital Marketing all you need do is ensure you are one of the firt 30 people that will respond to this offer.

I have created two platforms to offer this train FREE OF CHARGE. They are;

1. Via a WhatsApp group –

*In the whatsApp group i will teach the subscribers all i know about digital marketing and how they can apply it to their business and career. Start and Grow a Digital Marketing Agency. I will also share with them videos and Audio programs, Reports and eBooks on digital marketing that will enable them to master the skill and start using it in their business and career right.


2. via an Email Course –

*Through the Email i will be sending emails every day for 7 days teaching subscribers all i know about digital marketing via the Emails, videos and Audio programs, Short Reports and eBooks. And how they can do the same in their business or Start and Grow their own Digital Marketing Agency.

Choose between WhatsApp or Email Learning the platform you prefer. 

To register do either of these:

1. Join the training on my WhatsApp group click WHATSAPP COURSE HERE:

2. Join the Email Course, please click EMAIL COURSE HERE

Apart from training you free of charge i will also give you access to my 16 Paged Report of How to use Digital Marketing to grow your business, brand and influence.

Digital Marketing is one of the most powerful, profitable and productive skills in the world today, and its in demand in here and all over the world. So don;t be left out…Join the band wagon.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click one of the links to join either the WhatsApp or Email class and thank me later.

Note, you can one join one classes either WhatsApp or Email Class.

For more info call 0806-829-6897, 0909-454-0396 or visit

To your Success,

Your Instructor,
Tony C. Nwokolo

Founder, The Complete Success Platform
Founder, SS Digital Solutions


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