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SS Digital Solutions is an innovative technology & digital solutions firm on a mission to help businesses succeed. We consider ourselves as a one-stop-shop for everything digital from Web, Software & Mobile App Design & Development, E-Commerce Solutions, Digital Marketing to Corporate Branding.
Our Business Solutions: Web, Desktop & Mobile Applications Development with Ecommerce
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Business Solutions

Web site design & developmentmore_vert

Renowned for being on of the best website development company in Nigeria, our web design and development service helps clients design and develop a digital strategy and system to grow their businesses online.

At SS Digital Solutions, we build websites that are not only visually beautiful, but also functionally effective. Our team of web strategists, designers, developers, and project managers work together to help clients meet their business objectives.Over the past 9 years, we have built over 150 websites, including from corporate websites, e-commerce stores, blogs, news sites, online banking websites and web applications.

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Our Web Design & Development Tools are : HTML5, CSS3, iQuery, JavaSCRIPT, PhP, Ps, Ai, Magento, WordPress, MySQL, OpenCart, AngularJS, Vuejs Etc

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Our Approachclose


.Deep understanding of the client’s business and objectives

Well-planned user experience

Strategic planning and in-house collaboration

Collaboration and continuous communication with client’s personnel

Design of a unique, user-friendly, interactive, and visually appealing website

User-centered, and objective-driven approach to project

Delivery of mobile-responsive and SEO friendly websites.

Custom software developmentmore_vert

SS Digital Solutions offers high quality software development services, as per client requirements. We revolutionize how the world engages with ideas and information. Combining cutting-edge business strategy and tech knowledge, to develop efficient and effective solutions that keep businesses productive and profitable.

We develop to meet client’s specific needs.


S. Strategies Digital Solutions will help you leverage the power of mobile applications to exploit the potential they possess. Being a professional mobile application development company in Nigeria, we’ve been at the forefront of creating innovative and inspirational mobile apps that always change the game. Our seasoned mobile app developers will unlock the hidden potential of your business productivity and profitability using cutting-edge techniques for all major platforms including; iOs, Android, white-textBerry and Windows Mobile.

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More on mobile app developmentclose

Are you an entrepreneur with an app idea in your mind? Or have a breakthrough business model for mobile? Is your staff always on the move? Or do you have a successful website/application that would make a great app?

Mobile apps have become a ‘Buzz’ word today. Today, mobile devices and apps are an indispensable medium to reach out potential customers and build strong business relationships. We are on top of Android, iOS, white-textBerry, Windows apps development.

Ecommerce Solutionmore_vert

SS Digital Solutions leads the eCommerce website development industry in Nigeria. We have built 20+ fully functional online stores with varying features and functionality, and in diverse industries

From start-ups to multinationals, we’ve taken companies from zero to nine-figure e-commerce turnover. Achievement of this kind of phenomenal growth requires stunningly beautiful and usable websites – and that is what we work with our clients to deliver.

Some Useful Services:

As a full-service digital agency, in addition to e-commerce website development, we provide the following services: E-Commerce Digital Marketing, E-Commerce Payment Gateway Services.

We have developed and deployed the following Business Applications and Software ;


Business Applications and software we have developed and deployedclose
  1. Accounting Software
  2. HR Software
  3. Hospital Mgt Software
  4. Laundry Mgt Software
  5. School Mgt Software
  6. Point of Sale Software
  7. CRM Software
  8. Inventory Mgt Software
  9. Fleet Mgt Software
  10. Court Case Mgt Software
  11. Project Mgt Software
  12. Electronic Document Mgt System (EDMS)

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“….Tecnovating systems and strategies that work”
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Digital Marketing Solutions

In today’s changing and challenging business landscape; Media is changing, customers are changing, and marketing is changing from traditional to digital. Hence, any business that does not want to be left behind must have a holistic digital marketing and branding strategy, leverage the new digital media to be relevant and gain an edge over competitors.

Why Digital Marketing?

Because the trend has changed and organizations and brands all over the world and in Nigerian have realized that creating brand awareness, attracting fans, generating leads, driving traffic and sales via digital strategy is far more cheaper, measurable and more effective than the traditional marketing techniques (i.e. T.V, Radio, Billboards, newspaper etc.

Because your prospects and customers (clients) spends more time online these days, surfing the net, searching for information, products or services, reading news, shopping and socializing on the social networks etc., and positioning your brand/products to be found online or reaching them where they spend time has been more effective and result-oriented.

Proposed Digital Strategies, Platform & Deliverables

  1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

  2. Online Display Advertising/Remarketing

  3. Social Media Management & Marketing

  4. Copy Writing, Blogging & Online Press Release

  5. Youtube Channel Creation & Video Marketing

  6. Customer Acquisition & Email Marketing

  7. Online Reputation Management (ORM)

  8. Website Redesign & Management

  9. Google Analytics & Measurements

Digital Marketing

You have a beautiful and effective website, what next? Developing a website is just one part of the journey to digital success. A website that nobody knows about is a waste of time, energy and money. This is where digital marketing comes in. Digital Marketing involves setting up systems to put your website in front of potential customers.

1. Determine the Objective

Digital marketing at S. Strategies Digital Solutions is planned and executed based on objectives. Common objectives for digital marketing include:

  • Increase targeted website traffic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive sales and /or leads
  • Increase social media followers and/or engagement
  • Create and publish contents and be an authority in your industry
  • Increase online visibility
  • Establish your company in local search to rank amongst the top 5 in your industry search hits
  • Establish your brand/business on social media
  • Online reputation management

2. Determine the best approach

Once objectives are defined we develop custom strategies for each website or business based on the needs, business goals, industry rules, and available resources. We shall setup a digital marketing campaign via:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We shall optimize your company’s website, to start ranking amongst the top 3 on Google’s Search Results First Page whenever someone searches for any product or service your company offers. Search engine use has become a mainstream in the business world today. A recent survey indicates that 99% of Internet users turn to search engines, such as; google.com or bing.com to find the providers of the products or service they are looking for.


Optimize your site and keywords to rank amongst the top 5 on Google’s first page within 60 days.

Optimize your site to rank for 20 keywords on Google and other search engines within the next 60 days.

Online Press Release

We shall write and publish Press Release on the following popular blogs and online news platforms, Linda Ikeji’s Blog, Nairaland, Good Success Blog and Thisday Online, as well as on four Social Influencers blogs to promote your company’s offerings.

Your target audience visits the above mentioned platforms daily to read news and information and a news and promotion about your products will yield a great result.

Why Online Press Release?

The public reacts very differently to adverts than to an article published on Blogs, Online News Platforms, Newspapers or a TV report by a third-party (media house). They know very well when they are reading or watching an advert, because the information communicated via ads are always perceived with a certain degree of skepticism.

They know that the ad wants to persuade them to buy a particular product or service and will either believe or disbelieve the information they are communicated. But when they are communicated news about a new product or service through a third party, they perceive it as informative and worthy of their attention.


Write the Press Release and publish on the Blogs and the online news platforms stated above.

Engage the 16 professional bloggers and Social Influencers in our network to feature the Press Release and/or Sales Copies on their platforms and social media accounts.

Online Display Advertisement (Banner Ads)

Display ads are the third-party online banners displayed on high traffic blogs and online news platforms on Google Display Network and online News platforms, such as; Facebook, Punch Online, Thisday Online, The Guardian Online, Linda Ikejis Blog etc. We shall deploy banners ads to run the campaign on high traffic online platforms. And this will create awareness and drive sales.

Remarketing (Retargeting) is a form of Online Banner Display Advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. For most websites only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. We shall engage this strategy to increase conversion rate.


Design attractive Online Banners with Cathy Captions and Call To Action (CTA) for the display campaign.

Launch and manage the Online Banner Display campaign on Google Display Network, Facebook, and High traffic news platforms, such as; Punch Online, Thisday Online, Naij, Vanguard, Linda Ikeji Blog etc. This strategy shall increase conversion rate.

The display campaign shall reach between 2 – 3 million Nigerians through the display network.

Social Media Management, Optimization & Viral Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Lindkedin, Pinterest & YouTube are the most popular social media platforms today with over 2 billion user’s worldwide and over 20 million Nigerians uses these platforms to socialize, communicate, relate and network and reaching them on these platforms has been result-oriented. And promoting brands and products on these platform has been very result-oriented.


Create and/or manage an account for your brand/campaign on the following platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Instagram platforms.

Create a unique Hash tag i.e #Strategicsolutions) for your campaign and drive to trends on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and across all the aforementioned social media platforms has been a wonderful strategy.

Generate up to 1000 likes and followers on the aforementioned social media platforms.

Attract and engage brand evangelists on the Social Media Influencers to share and refer others to subscribe to your product.

Digital Video Creation, Marketing & Promotion On Youtube

Video marketing conveys messages faster and clearer than banners, pictures and texts. And complementing your campaign with videos is always resulted-oriented and can easily go viral. Our video production team could produce high definition digital videos to promote your brand and offerings across social media and on YouTube.

Below is one of the video’s we created for one of our clients for their online campaign we managed;


Set up and opt-in form (lead magnet and social selling system) to attract your target audience.

Design colourful and interactive e-Mail newsletters and blast your offer 1 million verified email addresses of Nigerians in our database.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Whether you are aware or not, people are writing about your brand and products online and responding and addressing positive and negative comments and reviews online is what ORM is all about.


Deploy Reputation Management tools and software to monitor real-time what people are writing online about your organization, brand and products. This strategy can protect your company’s reputation against negative reviews and comments with real-time visibility.

Respond and appreciate positive comments and reviews, as well as correct negative comments and reviews online about the brand real-time.

Monitor and know what people are saying about your local competitors also and take advantage of it to build a stronger position.

Website Redesign and Management

We can redesign and manage your site to meet your company’s branding, marketing and sales objectives.


Redesign your website to be dynamic, mobile responsive and interactive.

Optimize your site to be more purposeful, beautiful, attractive and SEO friendly.

Manage your site.

Google Analytics

With Google analytics and other related tools our clients can analyze and measure the results we generate. Also, we shall be reporting the progress of the campaigns to clients on weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis. We shall also be meeting with our client’s rep periodically to review progress, brain-storm and re-strategize to optimize results.


Set up and/or manage Google Analytics to track and measure site visitors, actions and conversions etc.

We shall meet with our client’s representative weekly or bi-monthly to discuss, review progress and brain-storm on the way forward as well as agree on objectives, strategies and contents to optimize the campaign.

Monitor and know what people are saying about your local competitors also and take advantage of it to build a stronger position.

And Much More...

.we will need to sit with your team and discuss your marketing objectives to determine the ideal strategy and platform to leverage to achieve it.
“….Tecnovating systems and strategies that work”
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Branding Solutions

First impressions count for everything. SS Digital Solutions branding service is all about crafting a memorable identity and image through multimedia and events platforms which attracts and captivates your target audience.

Corporate Visual Identity

SS Digital Solutions helps businesses, people, and organizations establish their own personality to become who they want to be as a brand and as an identity. We create strategic visual brand identities that are result driven and engage your audience.

Audiences respond to strong visual identities because they stem from a deep rooted emotional need. A visual identity is the first impression given to others, projected through internal and external collateral such as, name, vision, mission, core values, corporate culture & image, packaging, publicity, public relations, corporate social responsibilities, business models, strategies, technologies, content, business cards, letterheads, newsletters, advertisements, signage, buildings, brochures, envelopes, apparel, just to name a few. Just like people, every brand has a personality, and it is paramount to establish what kind of personality your business is.

What we can do

Corporate Visual Identity otherwise known as Visual Id refers to the concrete symbols such as a name, logo, slogan, and design scheme that you use to present your company.

We are experienced in helping businesses to develop a visual ID that really characterize who they are and what their company is about. We work to find out what makes your business unique selling proposition is and then develop a range of ways in which we can present that through materials and assets for both internal and external stakeholders you have.

SS Digital Solution’s branding and creative design and production services include:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo/Brand Identity Design
  • Business Stationary Design
  • Brand Guidelines Development
  • Print Design
  • Product Design
  • Packaging
  • Public Relations
  • Events Branding and Sponsorship
  • Promotional and Corporate Gifts Branding

Creative Services

At SS Digital Solutions, we understand how important it is for your company to stand out. Your message needs to be clear, concise and appealing. That is what our creative department does: we craft a compelling message for your business that will build your brand and entice consumers to take action. In fact if you can visualize it, our creative designers can bring it to life.

Our team is here to create impeccable creative branding that will set a distinguished tone for your identity and become a recognizable feature of your business. Allow us to capture the essence of your company in the medium of graphics, video, sound and music!,

Our product offering in this arena include the following: graphic design, website design, branding, copy writing, radio jingles, voice-overs, animation video creation, script writing, video editing & production, photography etc.

We are a one-stop shop for all your marketing and advertising needs in Nigeria.


We organize and hosts events which our clients can leverage to create brand awareness and bond with their target audience and customers.

Below are some of our regular events;

  • Frankincense Musical Concert
  • Youth Tech Skills Empowerment Program
  • Tech Skills Bootcamp
  • TechNovation Leadership Conference
  • Digital Marketing & Blogging class
“To design, develop and deploy systems, applications and strategies that make lives and businesses easier, more productive and profitable, and deliver such services with measurable value to our clients.”
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Media Solutions

In today’s changing and challenging business landscape; Media is changing, customers are changing, and marketing is changing from traditional to the new media. And the new Digital Media is what business leaders and managers are leveraging to create brand awareness, Public Relations (PR), Market and Sell their products and services in a cost effective. Below are some of the new media platforms we created and other platforms we represent and work with.
Complete Success Platform (completesuccess.tv)

an online Inspirational Article, News & Video publishing platform developed to explore, research, report and publish proven principles, strategies, technologies and philosophies employed by successful individuals and organizations to succeed. We also write and publish promotional articles and press release for our clients on the platform. Good success TV YouTube Channel is dedicated to publishing videos on the site and on YouTube. Developed and managed by S. Strategies Digital Solutions.


YouTube is the new online video platform that have disrupted the traditional television, anyone can publish, search and watch any video anywhere at any time and with any device. Unlike, the traditional television. We help our clients publish video and place adverts on YouTube. YouTube ads are more cost-effective, measurable and result-oriented. We also help our clients create and manage their YouTube Channels and content or monetize their content.

Online News Platform

we write PR articles, Press Releases, Sales Copies for our clients and publish same on any of the following online media platforms where the target audience visits; Punch, Thisday, Sun, The Nation, Naij, Linda Ikeji’s Blog, Bella Naija, Pulse and Vanguard Online etc.

Google Display Network (GDN)

is the online advertising platform created by Google. Google AdWords is split into two networks, the Search Network and the Display Network. When advertising on the Search Network, businesses place text ads in the search engine results. On the Display Network, businesses instead place display ads on a huge network of sites across the internet. S. Strategies Digital Solutions can help you place your ads on Google’s Search or Display Network and ensure u get great results by combining Catchy headlines and Call-To-Action.

Live Streaming Solution

we can stream your next event or program live on your website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. Strive to be part of the global village. Dont be left out.

TV or Online Advertising Video Creation

Let’s us handle your next documentary or campaign video from conception, script writing, casting, directing to production. We handle all under one roof.

SS Digital Solutions

At SS Digital Solutions, we create impeccable creative media works that will set a distinguished tone for your identity and become a recognizable feature of your business. Allow us to capture the essence of your company in the medium of graphics, video, sound and music! Our product offering in this arena include the following: graphic design, animation video, website design, branding, copy writing, press release, public relations, radio jingles, voice-overs, script writing, video editing and photography.

SS Digital Solutions are good at what they do. Apart from developing our platform Dating +MLM platform, their team also created a great brand for us online and offline
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Our Clientele

Slot NG
Lagos state Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget
“….Tecnovating systems and strategies that work”
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