• Would you like to Become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional; work or consult for corporate organizations and earn good money?
  • Would you like to Master Digital Marketing & Social Selling Strategies You can use to Create Awareness, Generate Leads, Attract, Connect, Relate, Convert and Triple Sales In your Business?
  • Would You Like to Expand your skill set and distance yourself from the competition, jump to a higher pay grade and become indispensable?
  • Or Would you like us to assist you/your company to design and launch a Digital Marketing Strategy or campaign, have Online Presence and Visibility  and position, promote and market your products or services online?

……If Yes, Make plans to Attend our Digital Marketing Beginners and/or the Advanced Class or Engage/Consult us to Design  and Implement Digital Marketing & Social Selling Strategy for grow your Business growth.

Digital Marketing & Social Selling Class

Digital Marketing1The Situation

As the recession bites harder, a lot of companies are closing up, while others are down-sizing, as a result a lot of people have lost their jobs and untold number of businesses has closed down. However, the people that are in the emerging industries which i want to share with you are smiling to the bank daily.

Anyone that wants to secure his or her future and be financially independent and afloat when others are lamenting, must  venture into the emerging industries and create additional income streams there, because its too risky depending one source of income.

Recently, a banker friend of mine who solely depended on his banking job lost his dear job late last year due to the recession and it has been a terrible experience for him and his family for the past 8 months now. Thank God the story has changed after i trained and empowered him with this skill am recommending to you. So if you are unemployed or under-employed this skill will enable you to employ yourself and create wealth as i have done.

The Emerging Industry am Recommending 

One of the thriving and emerging industries which anyone can venture into and start generating huge income with shoe-string (low-budget) capital and without any qualification is Digital Marketing (DM). Why? Because its in-demand here in Nigeria and all over the world and few people have that skill. Therefore, few of us that have that skill are smiling to the bank, and cannot feel the recession. Because our skill is even needed most in recession when cash-flow is low and competition is high among companies. In a period like this our services are need most to help corporate organizations market and sell more, innovate and re-strategize in order to be relevant and retain their market share.

The most interesting thing is that one can acquire this Digital Marketing skills in few days of learning and start getting jobs the next week. i don’t only teach you the skill, i also show you how to start promoting your business online without spending a dime and start getting high ticket jobs without stepping out of your home or office to look for briefs. This is also applicable to other industries.


Our Offer & Methodology

At Success Strategies Consulting & Solutions (SSC&C), we have developed a method that have made learning Digital Marketing and other IT skills easy. We have simplified it. Why waste time and money when you can master Digital Marketing (DM) in few days and with a little amount of money though our method. Some elaborate DM class, we just simplify it and save you time and money.

After attending our Digital Marketing Beginners and/or Advanced class, we provide our students tutorial materials, support and mentor them for one month for their DM consulting business to take off. During this mentor-ship period we guide our students and help them to launch their business online via our online marketing strategy and with this strategy they can start getting jobs the same week, which we guide them to execute and learn on their own job.

This method is indeed very easy and fun to learn and start from where you are and with what you have. This Lean start-up approach we use has been fantastic. The most interesting thing about DM consulting business is that anyone that can lift the mouse and surf the web can start and run it as part-time or full time business and make millions in Naira or in USD the choice is yours to make. We are impressed with the testimonies we have gotten so far from the students we have trained and mentored. Hence, we are encouraged to keep the good work up.

I, Tony Nwokolo is a living testimony how this DM Skill and consulting business can upgrade one’s earning power and transform someone’s life within a short period. After acquiring the skill and becoming a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) few in 2014, i launched my business online without an office working from home,  that same week i started getting jobs from companies that want me to consult for them and assist them to lauch, market and manage their Digital Martketing and Social Media and strategy, and since then it has been a fantastic experience.

Today, i have been able to establish my own consulting firm with staff i pay salary, am free from Landlord wahala as i live in my own house here in Lagos State, and i drive my dream SUV, to the glory of God am happy and fulfilled and have achieved all these by the grace of God from consulting for companies and ministries on Digital Marketing and Social Selling strategy. And this consulting business does not stop me from running my other businesses. Am certain you can do the same or even exceed my result if you will join me in our upcoming DM class.

Hence, i strongly recommend this highly profitable skill and consulting business for any one that is looking for ;

– A thriving and sustainable business to run part-time or full time with low budget, generate extra income and create wealth.
– A highly profitable business that is in-demand all over the world,
– A business one can start with shoe-string capital (low budget) from home and still make it big.
– A business one can run on auto-pilot to generate leads and convert them to customers without the stress of running up and down submitting proposals. I shall show you how to position and promote your DM consulting business online for the people (prospects) that needs your service to contact you instead of you looking for them.
– Or you are looking for in-demand skill-set to distance yourself from the competition, jump to a higher pay grade and become indispensable in your career?

May be you are looking for a fun, stress-free, effective and a powerful skill you can use to brand, market and sell any thing online.


§  For individuals and organizations that wants to know how to use the Digital Marketing & Social Selling Strategies to create awareness, generate leads, drive traffic and triple sales in a cost-effective, measurable and efficient way.

§  Anyone that wants to become a Digital Marketing Consultant part-time or full time; and create wealth working for or consulting for organizations and high net worth individuals.

§  Anyone that wants to learn a skill that is in demand and jump to a higher pay grade and become indispensable.

  • Anyone that want to master SEO tactics that will make their site or products to start ranking on top of Google and other search engines SERP.

·  For individuals and organizations that wants to amply their voice, convey their message, attract follower-ship and make their products or brand to go viral (become popular).



–  Because in today’s changing and challenging business landscape; Media is changing, customers are changing, marketing is changing from traditional to digital. Hence, any organization that does not want to be left behind must adopt an online strategy in order to be relevant and gain an edge over competitors.

*      Because the trend is changing and organizations and brands all over the world and in Nigerian have realized that generarating leads,  getting customers, brand ambassadors, and fans via digital strategy is far cheaper and more effective than other traditional marketing techniques (i.e. T.V, Radio, Billboards, newspaper etc.

*    Because Social media was the weapon Donald Trump used to fight the mainstream media. Social media is the ultimate form of democracy in that it gives the underdog (SMEs) a platform to amplify their VOICE against the traditional media which the Big Companies uses to suppress SMEs.

In a nut shell, delegates shall master 3 Proven Ways to Keep their Business Afloat in this period of recession and always:

  1. How to Generate and Attract new leads and prospects
  2. How to Convert as many of those leads into buyers (customers)
  3. How to Influence those buyers to buy more or buy more often and also refer their friends and relatives to your business!


…This certification will set you apart from the pack, if you want to:

  • Enhance your career (or start a new one)
  •  Learn the latest and emerging skill that is in-demand in Nigeria and all over the world
  •  Expand your skill set, distance yourself from the competition, and jump to a higher pay grade and become indispensable. …this course and certification is for you.
  • More importantly, it will make you a better marketer and enable you to close more sales in any field.


At the end of the course  attendees will master;

o   Introduction to Digital Marketing (Inbound and out-bound strategy)

o   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Mastery

o   Social Selling Strategy: Understanding Social Listening, Social Influencing, Social Networking & Social Selling.

o   Paid Traffic Mastery

o   Social Media Optimization & Marketing; understanding how to market and sell socially with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and WhatsApp

o   Customer Value Optimization (CVO)

o   Content Marketing Mastery

o   Business & Niche Blogging Mastery

o   Copy Writing Mastery

o   Online Advertising & Re-targeting

o   Video Marketing Strategy

o   List Building & Email Marketing Strategy

o   Conversion Funnel Mastery

o   Analytics & Data Mastery

o  How to use DM and Social Selling Strategies and generate leads, get new clients and DM contracts as a consultant without going out of your office or home to market.

  • Master the tools and software for the trade……And much more.

Studio Picx2

Tony Nwokolo,  is the Founder/Chief DM Strategist of Success Strategies Consulting & Solutions (SSC&S), a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) certified by Digital Marketer LLC, Texas, USA.

A Certified Social Media Strategist skilled in Customer Acquisition and Customer Value Optimization (CVO), an Online Business Strategies, Copy Writer, Author, Blogger & IT Consultant. Publisher of Good Success TV {www.goodsucces.tv).

I’ve been assisting clients to launch new products, create brand awareness, drive sales and develop an online strategy and dominate their market for 5 years now, and we’ve worked with many big brands, both within and outside Nigeria.  My company SSC&S consults and manages the Digital Marketing campaigns and Social Media accounts some high flying companies in Nigeria and oversea.



If we charge 100k for this classes it worth it, because the information and skill which the attendees shall acquire will change their life, career or business for a life time, but we will not charge you that because we understand the state of the economy today in our country.

More so, we want to use this opportunity to give back to the society and empower those that are unemployed, under employed, as well as those looking for ways to create extra income streams. Therefore, we are offering this course as a way to give back to the society at the token fees stated below;

Beginners Class  –  Saturday 27th May, 2017 – N15, 000 only (Early Bird N10, 000) only.

Advanced Class – Saturday: June 3rd 2017 – N25, 000 only (Early Bird N20, 000) only

Note: Beginners plus+ Advanced Class = N40, 000 only (Early Bird N30, 000) only.

EARLY BIRD DEADLINE: To take advantage of the Early Bird Discounted price stated above, please ensure you register and make payment on or before May 24TH 2017

Course Fee Covers: -Training Materials and Facilitation, Launch and Certificate per participant.

Unable to Attend: Get the TUTORIAL PACKAGE for Beginners and Advanced Class, The package contains Videos, PowerPoint Presentations, eBooks, Email Course and PDF files, Tools and Software) available for those that cannot attend both classes at N25, 000 only per package.

VENUE: PRESKEN HOTEL, 16, Mojidi Street, Off Toyin Street, Beside Eco Bank Toyin Branch Ikeja, Lagos.

Time: 9:30am – 4: 00pm


Attendees of any the classes shall be get the following bonuses worth 80k  free of charge ;

  1. One month mentorship, support and coaching via email course and phone
  2. Access to our Facebook and WhatsApp group training and mentor-ship.
  3. Access to the Facilitators Hotline to ask any question and for coaching
  4. Get Tutorial manuals and materials in Video, eBook, PDF and PowerPoints format)
  5. Free Powerful Digital Marketing Tools and Software that will enhance your business growth
  6. We shall design a Website or a Blog for you or your company free of charge eg. www/yourname.com.ng to enable you lauch your business right away.


We have space for just 20 people for both classes and 11 seats have been booked remaining 9 seats left. So if you really want to be in any of the classes please book your seat now, before its sold out.


The course will be hands-on training 80% practical and 20% theory.

Attendees are expected to come with their laptops and internet modem or they can access the internet via the Internet Access Hotspot we shall provide at the venue.


Anyone interested in any of the classes must fill and submit the Registration Form on our website indicating the class he or she is registering for and then make payment on or before the EARLY BIRD Deadline stated above, in order to benefit from the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT.  This is to enable us make the necessary arrangements, seat reservations and prepare certificates and training materials in advance for all prospective participants in advance.

PAYMENTS AT THE VENUE are NOT entitled to the above stated Early Bird discount .


 To enroll/register for any of the classes, please fill and submit the registration form on our website CLICK HERE   www.strategicsolutions.com.ng/registration-form

You can also register and pay at our office, SSC&S, 1, Jacob Banjoko Street, Off. Adeniyi Jones Ave., Ikeja, Lagos.

Do not hesitate to register for any of the classes; if you really want to learn the most valuable and in-demand skills of the 21st century.  And with this skill you can market and sell any product/service?

Whoever that is interested can take advantage of this offer at this Promotional price as we may not offer it at this price again.

For more details, please call: Tony 0909-454-0396, 0802-230-3482, WhatApp : 0806-829-6897 Email: info@strategicsolutions.com.ng

PS:  Note 9 seats left, if you really want to be in any of the classes you need to act fast and register before its too late.

Cert Presentation 1


Mr. Lanre Oloye

Hello sir, I attended your Digital Marketing Class late last year and it was great. I have started taking taken action on all you instructed us. And am glad to tell you that I am impressed with the results am getting so far in my business. I will post my results on the WhatsApp group for fellow attendees to be motivated. More grace sir!.

Lanre Oloye ,

Real Estate Consultant & Property Marketer,

Lagos-Nigeria 0803-937-6443

Mr. Chika’s Testimony

Mr. Chika Okorocha
Mr. Chika Okorocha

Mr. Chika Okorocha

Last months’s training on Digital Marketing and Social Social Selling Strategy was the bomb!!Priceless nuggets in the info you shared. I’ll say it without mincing words that the workshop is an eye-opener for me.  Since i started applying all i have learned my sales have doubled in less than 2 months. And am glad to share my testimony. As am happy and motivated ! God bless you sir! Keep the light shining.

Chika Okorocha,


Complete Health Cycle



Harry’s Testimony

Harry Naija

Hello sir, I just want to say thank you for the knowledge you imparted on us during the training. It was a great decision to seize the opportunity presented by your company (SSC&S) to attend the workshop on Digital Marketing late last year. Today, am a Certified Digital Marketer, Blogger & Social Selling Strategist. My business is doing well and the most interesting thing is that i am now also consulting and assisting other companies to market their products online and am making good money from it. Am so delighted to have this skill. God Bless Tony Nwokolo!

Harry Ogbeide,

Harry InterBiz Ltd

To mention but a few.


An Amazing Guaranteewe know our training are always great. If you’ve ever attended any of our events you will attest to that. However, if you’ve not attended any of our training or bought any of our products before we want you to feel comfortable with your order…so here’s our company’s guarantee:…..If you pay for this course and apply the strategies we teach for 30 days, and you are not satisfied. We’ll REFUND your money back. Guaranteed!


In case you would n’t be able to learn the skills, you can engage our professional services to advise, design, implement and manage the Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies that is ideal for your industry and business model. For more info and for us to meet and discuss with you, Please visit office or website www.strategicsolutions.com.ng or call 0909-454-0396, 0802-230-3482, WhatsApp: 0806-829-6897

Now, over to you…..we have done our best by investing time, energy and resources to offer you this rare opportunity to UPGRADE YOUR EARNING POWER AND SKILLS-SET. Its up to you to accept or reject the offer….but time will tell if it’s a good or bad decision you made!

P.S: Don’t forget this whole offer is covered by our 100% legal binding 30 day guarantee… you can apply the skills and use the system for 30 whole days, and if you’re not happy, you get your cash back. You have nothing to lose.

  ACT NOW…Enroll for any of the classes today !

 To enroll/register for any of the classes, please fill and submit the registration form on our website CLICK HERE  www.strategicsolutions.com.ng/registration-form

Do not hesitate to register for any of this class; if you really want to learn the most valuable and in-demand skills of the 21st century. With this skill you can market and sell any product/service?

For more details, please call: Tony 0909-454-0396, 0802-230-3482, WhatsApp : 0806-829-6897 Email: info@strategicsolutions.com.ng

 Website: www.strategicsolutions.com.ng


  Powered by:

Success Strategies Consulting & Solutions (SSC&S) is a leading IT & Digital Marketing Consulting & Training company. The company came into being in 2008 with a very strong team of professionals; Software, Web & Mobile Applications Developers, Digital Marketing Professionals, E-Business experts, Copy Writers, Social Media Strategists, Video Producers and Graphics Designers. These professionals are highly qualified and experienced in their various fields. Who are also members of different professional bodies across the globe, capable of providing effective and reliable services and solutions anywhere in the world.


Those unable to attend any of the DM Class but would like to subscribe to our Website Design + Digital Marketing Service Promo Offer; which will enable them to get a World-Class Website Design or Redesign, a Blog, an E-Commerce Shopping Cart and Social Media Accounts Creation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube Channel plus Management and Free DM Consultancy service at the promotional price of 40k

OUR FINDINGS; The survey we carried out recently indicated that 70% of SMEs and corporate organizations in Nigeria neither have a Website, Online Presence, Online Visisbility, Digital Marketing nor Social Selling strategy.

As a result a lot of businesses have closed down, while many are not doing well because they are ignorant of the benefits of having an online presence, online visibility and digital strategy to market and manage enterprises smarter, drive sales and business growth faster and in a cost-effective and measurable way.

To this end our company (Success Strategies Consulting & Solutions) one of Nigeria’s leading IT & Digital Marketing Solutions Providers is offering Nigerians the opportunity to Get our Website Design + Digital Marketing Services Promo Offer stated  at the promotional price of 40k

 Normally we charge between 80k – 120k for all the Website Design + Digital Marketing Services es listed above, but if you can take advantage of this  Promo Package Offer you will get all with just 40k This Offer is valid till June 3rd, 2017

To subscribe/Place Order to this Promo offer Please Click HERE TO ORDER or Call 0909-454-0396, 0802-230-3482, WhatsApp : 0806-829-6897 Email: info@strategicsolutions.com.ng

ACT NOW…Enroll for any of the DM classes today !

 To enroll/register for any of the classes, please fill and submit the registration form on our website CLICK HERE   www.strategicsolutions.com.ng/registration-form

Or Call 0909-454-0396, 0802-230-3482, WhatApp : 0806-829-6897 Email: info@strategicsolutions.com.ng

Presenting certificate to one of the attendees of the past event
Presenting certificate to one of the attendees of the past event

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