-Are you open-minded, enterprising and looking for an opportunity to generate extra (active and residual) income?

– Would you like to build a side business (home business) leveraging a multinational company’s platform and teamwork to attain financial and time freedom?

We are looking for 50 self-motivated business minded people that are looking for a business opportunity they can run part-time or full time to create wealth.

-If i introduce you to a thriving business opportunity and platform that enabled me to attain financial freedom earning in foreign currency by partnering with the multinational company here in Nigeria would that interest you?

If you answer yes……am inviting you to come and learn more about the business opportunity at our upcoming Business Presentation seminar;

My Success Story

Here’s a true life story about me…

My name is Tony Nwokolo, I used to struggle financially a year ago, and I was always very broke. In fact before my next pay comes I have accumulated so much debt that after paying it off I will have nothing to sustain me before the next pay will come in.

That was the kind of life I was living then as money was never enough to meet the necessities of life; pay my bills and meet my responsibilities to my family, talk-less of luxuries.

My life then was the kind of life style which Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad referred to as the Rat Race. I was living in the left side of the Cashflow Quadrant.  But today the story has changed to the better.

Here’s My Success Story So far…

Tony Nwokolo (The Empowerment Apostle)

Late last year 2016: a friend introduced me to a business opportunity and invited me to the business presentation seminar which i attend and after listening to the business opportunity presented i saw a goldmine in the business model they presented and I decided to give it a trial.

Although I do not have the little capital I needed to join the business then. But the day my upline (my sponsor) showed me the proof of her earnings in just 3 months of joining the business. After seeing my sponsor’s new car and the proof of her earnings so far from the business no body asked me to look for money to join the program, because its only fools that doubts proofs.

I took me about a month to raise the money required to join the program and today my own life has changed to the better as that of my friend.

Since i joined the business in 2016 – I have earned some good money (I don’t need to mention the amount here because some people might not believe it) from this business opportunity.

Today by the grace of God from this business opportunity in less than a year in this business most of my dreams are coming true, Today am financially free, i live in my own duplex here in Lagos state, I am meeting my responsibility to my family and I drive my dream SUV. And above all I have enough time for my God and family, unlike before.

In order words, I have attained time and financial freedom as I now have enough time and resources to spend with my loved ones and pursue my dreams.

Tony with one of his toys

I can assure you that i have found a wonderful business opportunity and i dont need to hoard the information as that will not benefit me. As with every network program, the more people I refer to the business the more money I earn from the business program hence am spreading the goodnews.


If you join the business through our team we shall help and support you to promote and grow the business with the following tools and support to drive the business;

  1. We shall develop a website or blog for you free of charge, which you shall use to promote and drive the business online.
  2. We shall train you and also give Tutorial Video on how to use the internet; the website or blog, social media and digital strategies to promote the business online.
  3. Video programs on how to succeed in the business.
  4. Direct access to my hotline to call me up any time to guide and coach you on until you start making money from the opportunity.
  5. Access to my WhatsApp and Facebook group when and other team members share ideas, tips, testimonies and strategies we are using to excel in the business.

….And much more.

To learn more about business opportunity, REGISTER and attend our upcoming Business Presentation.

Date: Saturday September 9th, 2017

16, Mojidi Street,
Off Toyin Street,

Time: 10 : 00 am: 00 – 2:00 pm

Admission is Free.

Limited Space Available

We have space to accommodate just 40 people at this seminar. If you want to take advantage of this rare opportunity to discover a life changing income stream.

Please make plans to attend this seminar. To secure your seat, you need to act fast and register now before is booked. First register, first serve rules applies.

To register and secure your seat, please fill the form below; and call this number to confirm your registration, Tel: 0909-454-0396, WhatApp: 0806-829-6897 or send email to:


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