SSN DigiMedia (Nigeria’s leading Tech Firm Develops Church App to Enable Ministries Spread the Good News, Reach and Engage More people, Win More Souls.

SSN DigiMedia (One of Nigeria’s leading Tech & Digital Media Firm develops Church App to Enable Ministries Spread the Good News, Reach and Engage More people, Win More Souls.

There is a huge population gap to be filled called ‘unchurched’ people. With an app, the church can engage more people by broadcasting events, publishing sermons and generate a buzz about the gospel. More and more people are on their cell phones, this represents an opportunity for the church to reach the people where they are spending their time. So here are 10 benefits of getting an app for your church or ministry:

Benefits of Church Mobile App

  1. Live Streaming: The app will broadcast live streaming of the Sunday, Mid-week and other events at the church via the mobile app. The app makes it easy for members on the move, out of town/country, as well as the un-churched to join, watch, and participate in the service live on mobile devices.
  2. Push notifications: Communicate with all your members at the touch of one button. You send your message thousands of people receive and they can share with their friends and family. This will help fill up church events and impart more knowledge.
  3. Mobile donations: People can give directly from their phone to your church or ministries.
  4. Outreach: Attract & reach a whole new group of people and their friends and families through the share and invite button.
  5. Enhance your Social media usage: Promote your messages, content, and the app via social media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and be unconventional in your approach.
  6. Loyalty Program: Reward first-time visitors and consistent followers and members with special perks, such as; Free Book, T-Shirts, eBook, free CD or DVD Message, be creative.
  7. In-App purchases: Recommend and sell the ministers Christian books, DVD’s, Products within the app.
  8. TechNovate: Join the digital era and reach more tech-savvy people and youths with cutting edge technology.
  9. Keep congregation engaged, motivated, informed, and inspired.
  10. Easy feedback: Get feet back from the church members on how to improve the church and ministry through the feedback option in the app.
  11. Counseling: Make it easy and convenient for the members and others to book for physical or virtual counseling via the app.
  12. Publish and Broadcast the message of the Lord out there by any means necessary through the mobile app and the digital media.
  13. Announcements and Events shall be posted and communicated via the app.
  14. Registration for special church programs would be done through the application.

Do whatever it takes to spread the gospel and stand out, make a difference, reach the lost and don’t stop trying new things that appeal to new people to build new audiences.

Other Features of the Church App

  • Every Church Staff, Pastorate, Deaconry, and Secretariat personnel would be registered on the platform either through the web application or through the mobile application.
  • Every Member is registered on the Platform and can access the platform through the mobile application.
  • The different Service Groups and Departments are registered on the platform.
  • Cell Fellowships Meeting Places and Cell Fellowship attendance would be available and managed on the mobile application.

Should you need more info and demo, we would be happy to discuss your church app, provide more details, demo and price upon request. For more info., pls contact; SSN DigiMedia Solutions Tel/WhatsApp: 0806-829-6897