FREE TRAINING; How a Digital Product i Created in Less Than 48 Hours and Launched Online from the Comfort of my Home with Shoestrings Capital, After Losing my Job Grew to a Multi-Million Naira Digital Business Empire!


A few years ago the company I worked with was down-sized and I was relieved from my job and it was a big blow and a challenge to me.

As a father, a pastor and a husband I have a lot of responsibilities and people depending on me. When i got home that night i could not sleep, i then resolved to that night to take the bull by the horn and take the steering wheel of my life.

I decided I am not going to look for another job again, rather I am going to start and build my own business, I recalled a revelation I got from the Holy Bible about the principle of wealth creation (how to create wealth by creating, innovating and multiplying a product that solves problems.

With the aforementioned revelation and inspiration I was excited and motivated, but the challenge I had then was that I do NOT have the necessary financial capital to rent and furnish an office or shop or to stock goods to start running the regular brick-and-mortar business model.

I, therefore, decided to look for a business I can start and run online in the digital space.

Since it does not require huge capital, office rent nor furniture, I observed that creating and selling Digital Products/Services leveraging Online Platforms is one of the business models anyone can start at home without needing a huge capital.

A few days later, while surfing the net i came across an advert about a Digital Entrepreneurship Masterclass (Workshop), i decided to give it a shot.
I registered for the 2-Day Digital Business Workshop, and LO AND BEHOLD that decision to enroll for that course changed my life for good, and after the 2-day program the knowledge and skill I acquired turned my life around.

And the following week after attending the course i started my own Digital Entrepreneurship journey with the little savings i had then.

I created and launched my first Digital Product, and by the grace of God that particular digital product sold like a hot cake, and since then my life and business has never remained the same.

The Digital Product and the Digital System we built then keeps generating cash flow till date even while I am sleeping or on vacation.

This Digital Business Model is amazing, is emerging and is thriving. And yet very few people know about it and how to run it.

In fact, that particular that digital business i launched gave birth to other Digital Businesses i have built leveraging the online platform.
Today, most of my dreams have come true and I am living the life of my dreams, and I thank God for His grace and for inspiring and connecting me to my coach who coached and mentored me.


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