Thriving DIGITAL BUSINESS MODEL PRESENTATION: How I Built a Multi-Million Naira Online Business From Scratch Creating and Selling Digital Products (eBooks, Online Courses and Video Programs

….And How You Can Do The Same Even If you DON'T know How to Use a Computer.

Would you like to Discover Digital Business Models, Systems and Strategies Turning Average People with No Capital, No Experience and No Connection to Millionaires and Influencers in this Digital Age?

This year I have resolved to dedicate more of my time and resources to teaching and empowering others with the Digital Entrepreneurship Skills I have acquired over the years, which enabled me to achieve most of my goals and dreams in life.

I, have decided to share this secret life-transforming information with serious-minded people that want to build their own Online Business and create wealth by creating and selling digital products that are in high demand worldwide in the digital space.

My Mission

Am on a mission to raise at least 1,000 Millionaire Digital Entrepreneurs this year. I will show them how they can create Digital Products in the form of eBooks, Online courses or Video Programs, as i do.

At this FREE DIGITAL BUSINESS MODEL PRESENTATION, i will show and teach you how to create your own Digital Products in any of the above forms or engage our agency to create one for you and build the digital marketing and selling system for you if you are a busy person who might not have the time or the digital skill-set to handle do it yourself.

Do you know that in this Digital Age the quest and demand for information and knowledge are high, and you can satisfy any of the needs and demand, and make it big if you can package, promote and sell your Knowledge, Expertise, Experience, Hobby, Talent or Service as a Digital Product (Information Product) in form of EBOOK, ONLINE COURSE, VIDEO PROGRAM, AUDIO PROGRAM, BLOG, SPECIAL REPORT, YOUTUBE CHANNEL OR MOBILE APPS?


Recently, one of my students created a Digital Product in form of a Video Program on how to prepare a particular dish, and beyond her wildest expectations the product sold like hot-cake, many people from the USA, Europe, Asia, and here in Africa subscribed to her video program which she sold for $10 (N10, 000) Only, and in less than 1-month, she generated over 1.5 Million Naira from that particular product. The amount of money she has not earned before in such a short period. She can't believe it.


She subscribed to my Online Course and Coaching Program, and I and my team helped her to record a video tutorial of how she makes the dish, and then packaged it as a Video Program, built a Landing for it, and Digital Marketing System for her to drive the business. And boom, the sales exploded, till tomorrow that her product continues to generate cash flow for her without her doing any extra work apart from the initial work and investment she did when she launched her digital business.

Another of our clients created an eBook on how to lose weight, and at the last count, he has sold over 1,000 copies.

There are numerous success stories from many other clients we have worked with. 

To mention but a few

That's not all!

Here is the deal. Even if you cannot write a Book or create an Online Course or any of the aforementioned Digital Products by yourself, don't worry we've got you covered.

We have in our team seasoned Creative Writers, Online Course creators, Video Editors, Web Developers, Ghostwriters, Copywriters, and Digital Marketing Professionals that can help you identify and develop your idea, story, content, knowledge or experience, and convert it into a Book, eBook, Online Course or create Digital Products on your behalf, and build a Website or Blog, and the Online System and Strategy to drive sales and grow the business on auto-pilot. autot.


In this program i will show you;

  • + How i built a thriving Digital (Online) Business by creating and selling these 3 Hot Selling Digital Products (eBooks, Online Courses, Video Programs etc) online.
  • + The Niche market that is in demand all over the World and sells like Hot-cake
  • + How to identify the problems, Information products or the needs many people are searching online for a solution and how to position your product to be found and bought online as the solution even when you are sleeping
  • + Digital Market places to market and sell your digital products online and earn in foreign currencies
  • + How to leverage your knowledge, expertise, experience, talent, or know-how to create, package and offer a digital product as the solution to any problems or needs people have
  • + How to package, present, position and promote your Digital Product online and receive payments online from customers from different countries
  • +How to build a Digital System that markets, sells, accepts payments, and gives the buyers access to download or access the Digital Product online.



#Time Freedom: Digital Business Model and System give you time freedom because you create the product one time and set up the system to market, manage and sell it without any extra effort from you.

#Financial Freedom: When you have a Digital Product that is in demand and a digital marketing system to market and sell it online without any extra effort from you, it will continue to generate a steady cash flow and you become financially free.

#Low Capital: You don't need a huge capital to start the Digital Business Online; you do not need to BOTHER about office/shop rent, staff or salaries, office furniture, equipment, and stationery, or a huge marketing budget.

# High-Profit Margin: The Profit margin on digital products is high as there is little or no overhead cost. For instance, you create Digital Products once, and then it keeps selling the same over and over again without extra any extra cost. For instance, an eBook or Online Course I created since 2017 has been generating huge returns.

#Office or Shop not Needed: You do not need to rent an office or shop, as everything about the business is online

#No Overhead or Logistics Cost: Apart from the initial little investment to create a digital product and the system to market, sell and distribute it online, there are no other expenses.  Also, the Digital Products do not need to be shipped to the buyers or stored in a warehouse instead the buyers can access or download them online.

# work One-time and Continue to Receive Payments: Another advantage of this Digital Business Model is that you do the work or invest to create the digital product and the system one-time, and then it continues to generate passive income for a lifetime

#You can run the Digital Business Online as a Side Business and still keep your job or business.

And many more.

Truly, running a digital products business online is indeed fun, fulfilling, and rewarding, and am loving it, not only that it gives me time and financial freedom to pursue my calling and ministry, but it also makes me fulfilled as I impart and impact lives through my eBooks, online Courses and Video Programs.

If this sounds like the kind of opportunity you are looking for, congratulations!

I have volunteered to help, teach, guide and coach you to build your own Digital Business.


DATE:  June 1st, 2021; I will be hosting a free presentation online, where I will show you all I know about Digital Business, and HOW I BUILT A DIGITAL BUSINESS EMPIRE FROM SCRATCH, AND HOW YOU CAN DO THE SAME EVEN IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO WRITE YOU NAME.


Date: May 30, 2021

Venue: Online @ Zoom and Facebook Live

Time: 8: 30 pm

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Chiugo A. Josephat, is a Digital Entrepreneur & Digital Transformation Expert by Training and an Apostle of Christ by Calling;

The Founder/Chief Solution Officer of SSN DigiMedia Solutions; (Africa’s leading Digital Transformation and Business Solutions & Automation company.

Founder/Managing Director of Colossus TechNovation Ltd; (a Hi-Tech company innovating Solutions and changing the game in the field of Renewable Energy, Surveillance Security & Safety, Smart Home Automation, and Business Applications.

The Founder of TechPalace; (Nigeria premier e-commerce store for Tech Products, Gadgets and Business Solutions & Software.

Founder/Managing Partner of Royal Clothing; (a Premium Clothing Line and Online Bespoke Tailoring company changing the way tailoring services are offered leveraging the power of the web to deliver convenience, comfort and class.

The Founder & Principal Partner, SSN Tech Academy (an academy dedicated to teaching and empowering people with Technology & Digital Skills via in-class and online platforms.

And the Founder/Prime Minister of Christ Kingdom Ministries (an unconventional ministry that doesn’t only preach the gospel of the kingdom of Christ for the salvation of souls, but goes the extra mile teaching and empowering God’s people with Entrepreneurial and Digital skills, principles and know-how they need to unlock their God-given gifts, solve problems and create wealth and advance God's kingdom on Earth.


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DIGITAL BUSINESS PRESENTATION: How I Built a Multi-Million Naira Online Business From Scratch Creating and Selling Digital Products (eBooks, Online Courses and Video Programs

And How you Can Do the Same Even If You Don't Know How to Operate a Computer!

Time: June 1st, 2021, 09:00 PM West Central Africa

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