Are you a Small Business Owner, Manager or a Professional Looking for Cost-Effective Ways to Grow your Business and Brand?

Would you like to have a skill, strategy and system that will keep generating leads and sales consistently and grow your business and brand up to 300% in the next 30 – 90 days?

Research conducted by HAVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL (HBS) reveals that 3 out of every 10 business dies before their 5th YEAR anniversary due to lack of consistent lead generation and customer acquisition strategy and system, and secondly due to poor management system.


If you DO NOT want your Business to just Survive or Struggle but to THRIVE in this Post-Pandemic changing and Challenging Business Landscape you need to pay attention to this.


And must be ready to;


* Switch from traditional marketing to digital in this digital age where everyone and everything is online.


* You must be ready to leverage digital skills, strategy and systems that work to generate consistent traffic, leads and sales without breaking a sweat or leave a hole in your pocket.


* You must be ready to work smarter, and leverage digital skills, strategies and system that work to drive growth


* You must be ready to change your approach and try new things.


Join me in a 30-minutes WEBINAR on ZOOM to show you Digital Marketing and Social Selling Strategies that works in this Digital Age and how you can set it up one-time, and it shall continue to generate leads and sales CONSISTENTLY in your business even when you are sleeping or on vacation.


You may say, am not a technical person, don’t worry about that because even my 10-year-old son sets the Lead Generation System to run on Autopilot.


That’s not all…


However, if you don’t want to bother yourself with the technical skills or maybe you are a very busy person, no problems we got your back.


I and my team can help you set up the LEAD GENERATION ON AUTOPILOT SYSTEM (LGAS) and the system shall continue to position, promote and generate leads consistently on autopilot for your business and brand to keep growing for a lifetime.



Chiugo A. JOSEPHAT is a creative, innovative and skilled Digital Transformation Expert, a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) and a Serial Digital Entrepreneur, and Digital Publisher, an App Developer, Content Creator, Copywriter and Digital Media Strategist, and a Bestselling Author, Leadership Expert and Preacher of the gospel.

He is the Founder of;

– SSN DigiMedia Solutions

– Colossus TechNovation Ltd

– TechPalace Hub

– Royal Clothing

– Chiugo Josephat Transformational

– ChristKingdom

I am on a mission to help you discover, develop and deploy your gifts, create wealth creating products and platforms that solve problems, and leverage digital strategy and system to grow your business and brand, and fulfil your dominion mandate while glorifying the Lord God, and at the end make heaven.


Once again, I ask you


-Would you like to have a skill, strategy and system that will keep generating leads consistently and grow your business and brand up to 300% in the next 30 – 90 days?


If yes!


Make plans to join me on Zoom in a FREE Business Growth Strategy Presentation;

Date: Sunday, October 11th, 2020

Time: 10: 30 PM

To Join the Zoom Meeting, click the link below and enter the meeting ID and passcode below to gain access;


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