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SSN DigiMedia Solutions Gives Back to the Society; shares Her Success Story, Trade Secret and Giveaway Package to Celebrate Her 10 Year Birthday!

Are you a Business Owner, Manager or Professional looking for Business Tools, Digital Media, Online Strategy and Business Applications you can Leverage to Market, Manage and Grow your Business and Brand in a Smart and Cost-Effective Way?

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I will be sharing with you shortly; our Success Story of how we started 10 years ago, our Trade Secret, and the Online Strategy that enabled our company to grow 10 times in the past 10 years.

Also, we shall be unveiling our 10th Year Anniversary Mouth-watering Giveaway Packages, and how you can take advantage of it to get any of our services at Half the Price or contest to win any of our services free in our Giveaway Contest.


Chiugo Anthony JOSEPHAT,

Founder/Chief Solution Officer

SSN DigiMedia Solutions

Success Story

Hi, my name is Chiugo Anthony Josephat, the Founder/Chief Solutions Officer of SSN DigiMedia Solutions. 10 years ago precisely on October 16th, 2010 we opened our doors and launched SSN DigiMedia Solutions (Nigeria’s premier Digital Transformation & Business Solutions Company) in a one room office space at 38, Budland Street, Ojodu, Ikeja – Lagos.

I remember the day we launched I and my partner were afraid whether the venture shall succeed or not, because we have invested all our savings into it.

However, we summoned courage and launched out with faith in God, a great vision, a shoestring capital, brilliant ideas, business skills and tools, a team of 4 energetic and vibrant young people, and of course with prayers, but we did not stop there we also worked very hard to ensure the business succeed, because we have put all our eggs in one basket and if it fail we shall be in serious trouble.

Fast-forward 2020, am glad to say that God has been indeed faithful over the past 10 years and today, we are celebrating God’s faithfulness and we are glad we took that leap of faith.

It’s been 10 solid years of success; solving business problems, adding value, and making a difference in the lives and businesses of our clients, partners, staff and host community.

In our board meeting last week our management resolved to give our services and business tools and strategies away at half the price to celebrate SSN DigiMedia Solutions 10 year’s birthday.

We resolved to share and empower other business owners and managers with the very Business Tools and Tactics that enabled us to grow exponentially in the past 10 years.


Our Findings and Resolution

Based on the survey we carried out recently we discovered that 70% of individuals and corporate organizations in Nigeria do NOT have either a Website, Online Presence, Digital Marketing or Social Selling Strategy, Customer Acquisition System, talk less of having an E-Commerce or Business Management Applications (Solutions).

As a result, a lot of businesses have folded up, while many are struggling and not maximizing their potential because they are not leveraging the Digital Media Tools, Online Strategies, and Business Management Solutions to market and manage their business smarter and in a cost-effective way,

To this end, we the management of SSN DigiMedia Solutions have resolved to help Nigerians with the Business Tools (Digital Media, Online Strategies & Biz Management Applications) they Need to Market, Manage and Grow their Businesses and Brands Smarter and Faster at Half the Price,


Our Trade Secret and Strategy

Some of our trade secrets that helped us to thrive and grow exponentially over the past 10 years are thus;

ONLINE PRESENCE & SEO STRATEGY: as a Digital Transformation Agency we maintained our online presence by optimizing our websites to rank high on Google and other Search Engines and implemented a Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition System that works 24/7, and 365 days on auto-pilot generating traffic and quality leads for us even when we are sleeping or on vacation without leaving a hole in our pocket.


IN-BOUND MARKETING TACTIC: While our competitors were busy looking for customers/clients using Traditional Marketing (old-school) approach (Sharing Flyers, Running Newspaper, Billboards, Radio and TV Adverts) that leaves a big hole in their pocket.

We did not tow that line, rather we resorted to In-Bound Marketing creating and leveraging content to position our brand as an authority in our industry, thereby always attracting clients organically.

Here is the key; instead of spending our precious Time, Money and Resources calling and chasing after prospects, we invest our time and resources building funnels, lead magnets, and online advertising systems that attract prospects to us.

That’s not all


BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (APPLICATIONS): at the onset of our business we implemented and leveraged cost-effective Business Management Solutions, such as; Accounting, HR, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Digital Media Systems, Mobile Applications, Lead Magnets, Inventory, and Retail Systems, and Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Systems to manage, administrate and grow our business smarter with low budget.

The foregoing 3 Business Tools and Tactics (Strategies) i just shared with you are powerful tools that can change the game in your business and branding.

I, strongly believe that if you implement at least one or two of the tools, I can assure you that your business can grow up to 300% in the next 30 or 90 days depending on your industry.

We can help consult, design, and implement the above tools and tactics in your business. If any interests you.

Truly, these business tools and strategy indeed helped our business over the past 10 years not just to survive but to thrive and we, therefore, strongly recommend it for every Small Business that wants to grow fast with a low budget.

I have just shared with you some of our major trade secrets, and we can help you to implement the Ideal Business Growth Tools and Strategy that work in your industry.

All the best,

Chiugo Anthony JOSEPHAT,

Founder/Chief Solution Officer

For: SSN DigiMedia Solutions


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