Every wise and rational person must be interested in how to generate Extra Income from Online Business, Blogging, Multiple Streams of Income, Internet Marketing, Internet Business etc. Why because it does not need huge capital to start courtesy of the internet. One can launch a business online the internet from the comfort of his or her home with zero or shoe-string capital.

When you flourish you thrive, whereas when you’re
trying to survive, you work hard, and struggle to eke out a living.

The question is, how can you thrive in a difficult
economy like the one we are currently facing?

Before I answer the question, let’s look at some of the current trends which is making the economy
and life of Nigerians more difficult.

The price of PMS [fuel] has gone up from N86 to N145.

That is almost 70% increase in fuel price, and that
means everything in the economy is affected
because fuel is the life blood of the economy.

It means that everyone will be paying more for the following…

  • Transport
  • Food stuffs
  • Water
  • Accomodation
  • Electricity etc

In fact everything is affected.

And the worst part is that most people who are doing a
paid or salaried job do not receive a proportional increase
in their earnings.

And this will simply cause a serious constraint on limited
earnings, especially if you have only one income source.

It’s said that “Desperate times, calls for desperate measures!”

If you find survival difficult, in a harsh economy, how do you
cushion the effect?

You can do that by simply creating multiple income streams

If you earn more money, you will be able to tackle all the
seeming increases without feeling the pain.

Let me give you a glimpse of how I have done that myself.

I have 3 different stable income sources that generates
6 – 7 figures monthly from EACH income source.

1. I sell training, consulting and coaching services on blogging and digital marketing.

2. I sell info-products and supplements on the health niche

3. I earn money from team efforts in a network marketing company

Each of the 3 income streams, I mentioned above is powered
by a blogging platform.

That’s my marketing vehicle. It’s proven and powerful!

So do you have more than one income stream?

If you don’t, what are you doing about it?

If you want to survive in a difficult economy like Nigeria, you need to create different income streams.

Add at least 1 income stream to your salary job or business, when that one
picks up, add another 1, so that collectively, it will bring
in something substantial at the end of the month.

If you’re a school teacher, why not create a training to teach
other teachers how to sell online?

If you’re an accountant in a bank, why not create a financial
planning blog/newsletter, or create videos on how to use
special applications like Powerpoint, Excel, and other banking
apps to help others.

If you’re not interested in doing any of the above or not certified
in any area, why not join a network marketing company and
use a blog to sell their products and earn huge retail profits?

Just use your creativity to create something and sell.

You can sell consultancy online.

You can be a middle man connecting a buyer and seller.

You can do freelancing jobs online.

You can build an audience with a blog and sell to them with email
marketing like I do.

To start any of the above business pls visit our webpage www.strategicsolutions.com.ng or call Tony – 0806-829-6897, 0909-454-0396

When you do this, then you will no longer survive, but
thrive in a difficult economy.

That is the only solution to win in a struggling economy
with your sanity still intact.

This year my mission is help other people to build their own online business empire as i ve done. This is yet another of my contributions to help others.

To your success,

Tony Nwokolo (The Digital Apostle)

To start any of the above business pls visit our webpage www.strategicsolutions.com.ng or call Tony – 0806-829-6897, 0909-454-0396