When My Friends Decided to Risk their Lives, Freedom and Dignity to Seek for a Greener Pasture in Europe to Settle for Menial Jobs and Illegitimate Business Oversea.

I was NEVER Interested Because I have Discovered a Gold Mine Online then Which Many Nigerians Dont Know About. And Few that Knows About it Dont Know How to Exploit it.

Today, i have built a Legitimate Internet Business that generates Steady Cash flow for me even when am sleeping or on vacation oversea. I have attained financial and time freedom doing what i love and call LIFE STYLE BUSINESS.

Because of the recent news how Nigerian youths are dying in the medditerrean sea in their bid to cross to Europe, and how many are languishing in the Libyan jails coupled with the proofs of how our teeming youths are being sold as slaves in Libya this 21st Century.

I therefore have decided to train and empower 40 Nigerian Youths FREE OF CHARGE on HOW TO BUILD A PROFITABLE & SUSTAINABLE INTERNET BUSINESS ONLINE with zero or shoestring capital and create value and wealth as i have done.

I want Nigerians youths to know that they dont need to travel abroad nor involve themselves in crime, Yahoo Yahoo nor any illegitimate business here or abroad before they can make it.

All they need is the right mentor, the right information and thriving skills and they can create a business online as most of my proteges has done and have created wealth without traveling abroad nor involve in any criminal activity.

After this Online Coaching, beneficiaries will begin to create and add value in any niche of their choice. And I will assist them to set up their business online and coach/guide them how to run it until they start generating steady revenues. #MyContributionToMakeNigeriaGreatAgain.

Who Am I and Why Must You Listen to Me?

Tony Nwokolo is the Founder/Chief Digital Strategist of S. Strategies Digital Solutions; a Certified Digital Marketing and Information Technology Professional. Tony is a Serial TechPreneur, Author, Blogger, Copywriter, Online Business Consultant, and a Web Developer. A minister of the gospel and the author of The 10 Biblical Principles of Success & Fulfillment, a Certified Social Media Strategist. And the founder/publisher,Good Success Online www.goodsuccess.tv

In 2011 resigned my paid employment and channeled more of my time, energy and resources to Internet Business leveraging Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing,  Blogging & Internet Marketing business models. I also consult for some companies here in Nigeria and oversea as their Digital Communications Adviser. I have generated millions of Naira from the aforementioned internet business models i run online. Marketing. Today by the grace of God from this business i ve built and live in my own duplex here in Lagos state, I am married with kids and I drive my dream SUV. I have attained time and financial freedom and I now have enough time and resources to spend with my loved ones, pursue my dreams and to teach others.

Why Choose Internet Business?

  • The business requires little or zero capital to start and sustain it,
  • You DON’T need to rent office nor buy any office furniture or stationery before you can start the business, since you can start from home working part-time.
  • You DON’T need to employ any staff nor worry about paying salary every month as the internet can be leveraged to work for you.
  • You DON’T need to worry about bills and expenses associated with running an office or offline business.
  • You DON’T need any certificate or qualification to start this businesses, all you need is to acquire the skills.
  • You can work at your pace and time and you can keep your job and thereafter fire your boss when your business is up and running on auto-pilot.
  • You become a business owner and be financially independent.
  • You will have time to spend with your family, loved ones and to serve your God.
  • You will be doing what you enjoy and love doing, while money will be running after you instead of doing the work you hate because of money.
  • You will be earning residual (passive) income from digital products you create once and it keeps generating passive income for you for a life time.
  • You will be making cool money with your knowledge, passion or hobby.
  • You will continue generating cash-flow for a life time even while you are sleeping or on vacation from a work did one time.
  • To be mention but a few.

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Note: This FREE Coaching Program is open to the first 40 people that subscribes.

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