Our Trade Secrets Revealed – *10 Ways Having a Website, E-Commerce Store, Online Marketing Strategy Changed the Game in our Business & Branding and How it Can Change yours Too!*

The internet and the web have truly transformed the world into a global village, it has changed the way we transact business, communicate, market, sell, learn, interact, socialize, and even the way we buy and sell goods and services in this 21st century.

Therefore, individuals and organizations cannot afford to be left out in this global trend and tool changing the world and the way we do things.

If your brand or business does not have a personal or business website, blog, e-commerce store, online presence, and strategy to drive traffic, generate leads, and convert them to customers in this 21st century, your business, brand or organization is missing a lot of opportunities.

In fact, you are shooting yourself on the leg and are leaving money on the table.

Every week we get one or two new clients that found our business by searching on Google and other search engines, while many other clients come through our website and online presence & strategy.

I, therefore want to share this trade secret with you as our Birthday Gift to as we celebrate SSN DigiMedia Solutions’ 10th year anniversary this October.

Your domain name is your identity on the world wide web, while your domain e-mail account eg; yourname@yourcompany.comis like your Post Office box, and your website is your virtual Office/shop that is open and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365/days a year. If you are still using Yahoo or Gmail for corporate emails you are shooting yourself in the leg as corporate organizations always ignore or disregard such mails.

Your Website improves clients/customer’s perception as well as Public Relationship when you have a website, your customers, prospects, and foreign partners see your company as a Unique and well-established organization.

Your Customers, Prospects, and Partners can access your Website for the latest information about your products, services, programs, projects and events, etc., saving you the time and cost of sending emails or brochures every time. You can just refer prospects to your site.

It improves brand awareness, customers and prospects will remember a website they visited more than the advert in the newspaper.
It also serves 24/7 PROMOTION: It’s a permanent advertisement tool that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 356 days a year for your organization and business.

The feedback form and analytics tool on your website help you to analyze the response to your adverts and the popularity of your organization, as well as enable you to relate and gather information from the public.

Your clients or customers can order and make payment for your products or services on your website, blog or e-commerce store with their Debit Card or via direct payment into your bank account. You can monetize your site via Google Adsense etc.

It makes your products and services available nationwide and worldwide with less manpower, thereby enabling you to earn in local and/or foreign currency and attract foreign partners or customers.

It provides a permanent advertising and marketing medium, for example; including a website address in your advertisement, which provides a reference point for further details and information.

It gives you an edge over the competition and positions your company and brand ahead of competitors as a leading organization and well-established organization.

A site, Blog or e-Commerce store positions your brand and company to be found on Google and other search-engines whenever people are searching for the product or service you offer.

Our Finding

The survey we carried out recently shows that a lot of Small businesses in Nigeria do not have an online presence (Website, Blog, E-Commerce Store, Social Media pages, and Digital Marketing & Online Strategy for their businesses, as a result, many businesses and brands are neither growing nor exploring the opportunities that abound online, thereby limiting their growth potential.

To solve this problem, *SSN DigiMedia Solutions* (Nigeria’s leading Digital Transformation Company) is offering Nigerians 50% discounts on all Web Developments and Digital Marketing Services as our Birthday Gift to enable you to position and take your business and brand to the next level online.

Having seen the innumerable benefits of having a website, blog, and e-commerce store wouldn’t you rather decide today to take advantage of our 10th Year Anniversary offer and save 50% this month.

*Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP).*

Building a website or E-commerce store is one thing, and optimizing it to rank high on Google and other search engines, and drive traffic generating leads, and converting them to customers is another thing.

However, as Digital Marketing experts we don’t only design SEO-optimized websites with online marketing structure and we also help our clients to implement the ideal digital marketing and online strategy to drive traffic, generate leads, and drive conversion (sales) up to 300%.

To celebrate our 10th year anniversary we are giving 50% discount on all our services From October 19th – 30, 2020.

Also, we offer Free Advisory (Consultancy) service and FREE REPORT showing all the features and functionalities an ideal Website, Blog, e-Commerce Store and Online Marketing Strategy must have; Please Call/WhatsApp – Chiugo: 0806-829-6897

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