S. Strategies Digital Solutions – are the founders and managers of the following platforms;

    • Good Success.TV (goodsuccess.tv) – an online platform developed to explore, research, report and publish proven principles, strategies, technologies and philosophies employed by successful individuals and organizations to succeed. It covers the subjects of Success & Motivation, Technology & Digital Marketing, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Business & Management, Health & Fitness, Interviews & Success Stories reported and published in Articles, Audios & Video Programs formats. We also write and publish promotional articles and prelease for our clients on the platform. 
    • Good Deals Online (gooddeals.com.ng): an online market place designed to bridge the gap between the buyers and sellers of Real Estate, Business, Assets and all types of products and services.
    • Strategic Business Solutions Online Shop (strategicsolutions.com.ng/shop): is an online shop for IT Products, Solutions & Software.