Our Corporate Information

SSN DigiMedia Solutions is an innovative Digital Transformation Company. We are changing the game using new, fast, cost-effective and innovative technologies and strategies to solve problems and improve business processes and customer experiences. And to meet changing business and market requirements in this challenging and competitive business landscape. Reimagining and transforming management, production, distribution, sales and marketing processes that were nondigital or manual to digital leveraging application software, system and strategies are our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and what we love to implement.

Talk to us and we will be glad to recommend and show you the ideal Digital Process, System, Strategy, Tools and Tactic that work in your industry.

The company was registered in 2008 with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), and commenced operations in October 2010, with a vision and passion to change the game in the technology and new media industry in Africa.

Hence, a team of professionals came together to form and launch the company in 2010. Our team is made up of Digital Marketing Strategists, Content Creators, Funnel Builders, Branding & Online PR experts, Copywriters, Social Media Managers & Influencers, Video Creators, Producers and Graphic Artists, Web and App Developers.

Having a team of experts working under one roof on a client’s job makes our productions and results more excellent, innovative, creative, faster and cost effective.

SSN DigiMedia Solutions, is on a mission is to transform the World with unconventional ideas that work; helping our clients build and implement business systems and strategies that work is our passion.

With our dedicated team of experts thinking and working relentlessly, our clients are guaranteed of solutions that enable them to cut cost, save time and become more profitable!